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Why I Plan On Hugging 100 People On My 36th Birthday

Friday, August 30th, 2019 is my 36th birthday -- which had me pondering about how I would like to spend the day.

I've had a habit of wanting to create memorable experiences on my birthday (last year I went hiking in the mountains near Chefchaouen, Morroco and ended up at a marijuana farm where I learned how to made hash (I had no idea that is what I would end up doing buuuuuut what a memory to make!).

Ya see the thing is... I feel like my life as I had known it has been vigorously pounded with a meat tenderize over the past 8ish months (ain't nothing tender about that)....

Which left me thinking at times... "I could really use a HUG!".... **light bulb moment**

I know I'm not alone in this adventure we call life so it got me thinking... there are plenty of people out in this world that may need a hug too!

So what better way to spend my birthday than to make it a mission to hug 100 people and spread some love and happiness.

I'm literally going to approach random people, share my "mission", and ask for a hug. Let's see how this goes...

I captured this video briefly after my "moment" so that I could document the sentiment behind this idea (in case I needed to give myself a pep talk the next day (which I did!)).

Stay tuned for how my day on August 30, 2019 by heading over to my Instagram - @lindsaysibson