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How To Plan Your Around The World Trip In 1 Step (Kinda... Sorta... Ok, Not Really)

So you want to travel the world….

Ahhhh the beaches, the culture, the feeling of being off in a foreign land without a care in the world…

But then reality sinks in and you think to yourself, “How in the HELL am I going to make this happen?”.

I get it…

I was asking myself the same thing nearly 6 years ago as I was sitting at my desk, stressed out, with bills upon bills, and praying to the heavens that I would win a content (ANY contest)... that would sweep me away from real life and place me on a remote beach with a frosty beverage in my hand.

I had not a CLUE how to plan a trip….

So I didn’t.

I SIMPLY BOUGHT A TICKET. That was the extent of my initial planning.

Ya see… you can do all the research and read all the blogs and guides your heart desires...but shit won’t get real until you’ve booked that ticket.

I bought a one way ticket to London after my friend from California invited me to go on tour with his band. At the time I was knee deep in fantasizing about traveling the world and even though I read blog post after blog post... I still felt none the wiser.

Until I had that ticket.

Until I had made the decision to make it real.

I seriously got on the plane only knowing that I would be on tour with my friends band for about 3 weeks… and beyond that???????? I told myself I would “figure it out”.

Well, that maiden world travel voyage turned into a 16 month adventure all over Europe! Holy shit RIIIIIIIIIGHT! I figured it out step by step… made some mistakes along the way… learned a lot...and also made some incredible memories.

So… if you are sitting there feeling like planning a trip around the world is SO daunting… let that shit go.

It’s ok to make your plan… NO plan.


Adventure awaits.

If you’re curious how I go about purchasing a ticket… stay tuned to my Youtube channel because I’ll be taking my own advice tomorrow and booking some tickets!