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Finding Joy In The Everyday... Every day (even when you feel like shit).

I am a writer.

I think.

Yes, yes… I am a writer. People pay me to put words to “paper”...so I guess that makes me a writer.

Yet, here I sit staring at this blank blog page having not a damn clue what to write about. Ya see… I happened to link up with an accountability partner in my coworking space 2 days ago and committed to “writing an article” and sharing it… TODAY.

So fuck it.

Here I am… showing up… writing SOMETHING… even though I’d rather get lost finishing up the first episode of Downton Abbey (yes, yes, I’m a late bloomer so no spoilers please!).

Well, I’d like to say my brain has been my ally these past few months but it’s been feeling more like a cement mixer of emotions. While I’ve been able to muster up enough writing mojo to get work out to my clients… when it comes to writing “for me”... well THAT is a different story.

Because the truth is… life has been a different sort of adventure for me recently. While I have spent the better part of the past 5 years adventuring all over the world, embracing minimalism to the extreme, and going wherever I wanted to go… the past 8 months of my life have been spent navigating loss, grief, and major life changes.

I lost a parent.

I lost someone to suicide.

I bought a condo and had to start from scratch making a home.

I was deceived by someone I cared about.

I’ve been lost in thoughts and emotions trying to make sense of grief (which I’m coming to find doesn’t make any sense at all… it is what it is).

Why am I sharing all of this?

Because we ALL go through things… we all experience different seasons and phases of life.

And while I would love to jump back into another “adventure travel season”... I know the experiences and lessons I am currently facing are preparing me for what is next.

So while I am in this “Nesting Season”... I have been doing my best to find the joy in the everyday…. EVERY day (and let me tell ya… some days have been a challenge!).

Sometimes it’s simply waking up in my comfy bed.

Other days it’s meeting up with a friend for a chat.

There is always joy to be found if you intentionally seek it.

Where do YOU find joy?

Please SHARE your thoughts in the comments below for those of us who may need a helping hand finding joy today.

PS. I LOVE watching singing audition videos for an instant pick me up... bonus points if they give me the chills. What is your go-to?