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Top 5 Things I Learned From Living Out Of A Backpack For 4 Years

Ya think ya know things...

That is until you shove your life belongings into a backpack no larger than the one you used to carry your books around in as a kid.


I've asked myself this question on many occasions over the last 4 plus-ish years I've been gypsying my ass around this globe.

It's been one weird ride.

And I've definitely learned a thing or two... or 10,000. But here are the top 5 things I've learned so far!

To be transparent...

I wrote this article for a client I obtained through Upwork.com. I was a staff writer for Fitlife.tv for years but then broke off to explore the freelance writing world.

It's a freaking jungle out there people!

This client wanted "just your awesome story in first person 1000+ words"...

He paid me $30 and I busted this shit out in about 30 minutes. I'll TAKE IT.

As a nomad I'm still so in awe anytime I make money sitting at my computer. It's not career income per say... YET... but it's a step by step journey HUMANS!

Because I wrote the article for his site and he now "owns" it... I have to send you in his direction. He's a cool dude though and told me this article shot up to being one of his top performing articles ever!

Check it out here:


Now go on and get humaning.

I love you all.