10 Ways To Be Successfully Single and Happy

September 4, 2018



Here is a piece I wrote for Fitlife.tv when I was their staff writer for a few years. 


Since they "own" the content I have to link you to the article, but I also wanted to give an "updated" version. 


So here is what ya have to do: 


1. Head to this link and read: 10 Ways To Be Successfully Single and Happy 


2. Did ya read it? GREAT! Now continue below...


Here are my thoughts 3 years  (and an ex-boyfriend or two) later:

 So, how did the story turn out?


My currently reality is preeeeeeetty much the same.


However, now I'm 35. Single. Traveling the world and living out of a backpack... and STILL blissfully happy!


I still love LOVE, but have also recently experienced a relationship that was beautifully toxic. We didn't only try to "make it work" ONCE...but twice! I flew halfway around the world to give it a second chance. 


Yes, I am a hopeless romantic... but with a ultra realistic mind. 


As much as I was physically attracted to this guy and could see his *potential*... it ended with me feeling like the life had been sucked out of me. 


And hell if I'm letting ANYONE steal my sunshine.


So, I retreated back to the USA to heal, decompress, and get back to being ME before I set out again on my international adventures.


I think when it comes down to it, you gotta do YOU...what is best for you, what makes you feel alive, what brings you joy and happiness. 


Because life is not a compromise - and relationships should not be a compromise either. 


I've come back to what feels good for me as a human being - exploration, adventure, learning,  travel, connecting, and creating.


The world is awaiting... 


Have any stories, thoughts, or tips to share on How To Be Successfully Single and Happy? 


We want to hear from you!


COMMENT below (just don't be a jerk - this platform is focused on helping others be happy and healthy humans).






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